New Generation Ad Network | Publishers

Terms of Use

  • Websites containing adult and illegal content, malware and etc. are not accepted.
  • Ads cannot be placed too close to each other and users cannot be directed to click the ads.
  • Publishers should apply for each website separately.
  • Abnormal clicking behaviour in a website may cause to account suspension.
  • Only websites that have a certain traffic (e.g. 5000 visitors daily) are taken into consideration.
  • Reklam9 may suspend or cancel a publisher account if any violation is detected. In such a case, publisher earnings are paid back to the advertisers.

Additional Terms of Use for Publishers Using DoubleClick Ad Exchange

  • Maximum 4 ads can be placed in a page.
  • Ads cannot be placed in pages those do not have content.
  • Adsense-banned websites cannot display AdX ads.
  • Websites making auto refresh periodically cannot display AdX ads.
  • Websites containing piracy content and violating copyright cannot display AdX ads.