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Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX)

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) is the world’s largest RTB platform, in which digital ad inventory is sold and bought. Prices are set in real-time auction with participation of publishers (sellers), ad networks/agencies (buyers) and third-party technology providers. Buyers are able to target their audience with defined bids and budgets automatically, while sellers enjoy high fill-rates and maximized CPMs. Reklam9 is an Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Seller Partner of Google and provides access to the Google AdX services for publishers including improved control on ad inventory, higher ROIs, additional ad units per page and exchange-specific services such as yield management, preferred deals and private auctions.

AdX for Video

Reklam9 allows its publishers to monetize their video content through AdX's high-performaning ads in various types (pre, mid and post-roll) and formats (text/image/rich media/video). With its own licensed/customized video player, friendly with mobile and nearly all device&browser combinations, guarantees highest fill rates and eCPMs. When demanded, video hosting is also provided for free to publishers that comes with AdX ads. For potential publishers (i.e. have traffic sources/have not a website) Reklam9 also provides its own unique Video CMS which is created to enable a better user experience and monetization opportunity.

AdX for Games

Reklam9 has developed the techonology to run Google AdX ads in online games. Reklam9 provides the required technology and tags to game websites to run ads in online games.

AdX for Display Ads

Reklam9 increases publishers display ad revenue by using sophisticated tools provided by Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

These include but not limited to:

  • → Revenue optimization for each ad unit
  • → Higher eCPM performance with better ad placement&size options
  • → Programmatic trading tools such as preferred deals&private aucitons
  • → Effective policy guidance and content filtering services
  • → Compatibility with mobile&responsive designs.
  • RTB

    Real-time bidding (RTB) is a new method of programmatic advertising which enables to buy and sell ads in real time. Unlike traditional static auction methods in which ad inventory is sold collectively, through RTB an each “ad” is sold on per impression basis. In simple terms, advertisers bid for an impression, highest bid wins and the ad of the winning buyer is displayed. All of these happen in milliseconds, and this process repeats for each ad impression. As a result, RTB boosts effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns for both advertisers and publishers.


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